Why Work with Us


You have a professional stepping in to immediately adapt to the requirements of your business and who has an in-depth knowledge of the corporate landscape. 

Free up your valuable time. You get to work on your business so it grows and is profitable.

Part time and contracted support services have the typical limitation of the available hours not always matching business demand, creating gaps in the provision of an excellent and consistent customer. Sage Ventures provides a permanent face of and support for, the business that is accessed only as needed, professional service and support is achievable without the need to incur unnecessary or underutilised costs.

  • No locked-in contract. Only pay for the time you require.
  • Eliminate the timely task and costs of processing payroll, superannuation, workers' compensation.
  • Flexibility with your executive support solution. You are not locked into traditional 9 to 5 work processes.
  • Work directly with your executive support specialist. No expenses or stress dealing with temping agencies

We offer short term or long term resources that will benefit corporate executive teams or a SME owner – we adjust our services to each company, because no two companies are the same.

Our knowledge is backed up with 20 years’ experience in the field.


Strategic approach
Strong networks in corporate landscape
Full spectrum of corporate executive support
Understanding of regulatory and corporate governance
Ability to simplify processes
Strong investor relations knowledge
Process efficiency
Organised structure and transparent approach
Ability to develop strong partnerships
Strong collaborator
Professional that understands business
Experience working with Boards

Most importantly, we are passionate about collaborating with businesses to help them grow. We are driven by our ability to deliver effective solutions.

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Do you have a project coming up where you could use executive support?

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