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After leading a small consulting business for over 16 years, much of which supported by a full time Office Manager, I decided to explore a more flexible way in which to support both me and the business at large. My ‘wish list’ was to find someone who maintained the professionalism that is so important to our business, while providing me with the choice to draw on that support more efficiently to suit the demands of the business.

I was aware of the naivety of that search, yet am delighted to have found someone who truly gives me the ‘best of both worlds’. Danielle Tiller, as MD of Sage Ventures, has created a unique and highly effective business model. Part time and contracted support services have the typical limitation of the available hours not always matching business demand, creating gaps in the provision of an excellent and consistent customer. As Sage Ventures provides a permanent face of and support for, the business that is accessed only as needed, professional service and support is achievable without the need to incur unnecessary or underutilised costs.

Most importantly though, this model would not be a success without the culture, attitude, skill and efficiency that Danielle brings. Her vision to read the market and create an organisation that truly matches the needs of many businesses, talks to her entrepreneurialism, insight and creativity. Yet it is her personal ethics, drive and passion that makes her special. Danielle has become a seamless and highly valuable member of our team. I have complete confidence in her to support me and our business to meet deadlines and deliver an exceptional experience for our customers. The peace of mind that gives me is significant. Yet, when professionalism is matched with warmth, good humour and approachability, you have a magic combination.

She is a business women that has demonstrated that a great idea combined with professionalism, skill and warmth is a winning formula. She is an inspiration to anyone who doesn’t want to be defined by what happens to them, but that courage, creativity and passion has its rewards