Introducing new reading service

Sage Ventures is pleased to announce new Reading Service

At Sage Ventures, we always look for solutions to assist our client's requests.  

We were approached to look into a particular requirement to provide voice transcribing of documentation and articles due to dyslexia.   When there are time constraints due to running multiple business interests and the effort required to read multiple detailed documents such as news articles, emails, documents and other written communications, a transcription service can be a real time saver.  

The articles can be listened to in the car, from your office or on the run.  

We can also assist with people who may have impaired vision and would beneift from having documentation converted to voice.  

Our voice recordings are read by humans, and are not robotic translations.  

Reasonable rates and provide fast turn around times.  Usually same day.  

How does it work?

You simply scan or attach your news article and email to us.  We transcribe to a voice file and return to you via your preferred cloud based software, or we share from our cloud.  You have access from your phone or computer.  Time charged will include a pre-read, timed recording time and set up.  

Contact us if you want to utilise this unique new offering.


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